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At the age of 13, he started jazz dance with Yoshio Inoue, who is active as a prince in the musical world of his childhood friend. Moved to New York at the age of 18. Learn dance at Alvin Ailey, BDC, STEP'S and experience various stages. After returning to Japan, he performed in a musical at the Kalkebaren Theater in Kurashiki Tivoli Park. After that, he appeared in "EN CORE!" In the Tokyo DisneySea Broadway Theater.

2003 Established "MAKOTO DANCE COMPANY".

2020, where Fukuoka is an Asian gateway, while staying in Kyushu of young people Kyushu, across the country Asia and hope that fulfill a dream of entertainment to be accepted in the whole world, "Fortune Dance Company Fukuoka (now forward Dance Company Fukuoka) ”was established. So far, he has been focusing on training students by producing a large number of entertainers who will lead the next generation, such as Shiki Theater Company, major theme parks, Toho musicals, and K-pop idols. Currently producing Huis Ten Bosch shows, HKT48, dance shows at the Canal City Theater, children's musicals and more.




A dance producer and teacher of ENHYPEN NI-KI, who belongs to the same office as BTS, and Daisuke Sakuma, who is active in Johnny's office.


It's important to be able to dance cool, cute, and sexy, but what I want to convey most about this first K-POP dance is "I want you to find yourself new!" The popular K-POP dance. Through "I want you to have a lot of fun and experience of dancing because of your admiration and interest.


K-POP dance is insanely fun, so please dance to your heart's content to relieve your daily lack of exercise and stress!

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松出 直也



6 歳よりバレエを始める。多数のコンクールで入賞し、

14 歳で渡英 Elmhurst School for Dance・English National Ballet School にて学ぶ。

18 歳で劇団四季研究所入所。その後数々の舞台に出演しながら 20 歳という若さでダンスキャプテンも務める。 劇団四季を退団後、世界豪華客船に数少ない日本人ダンサーとして乗船。 


・Cats ミストフェリーズ / ランパスキャット・West Side 物語 ベイビー・ジョーン・美女と野獣 ・Song&Dance60 感謝の花束・劇団四季 FESTIVAL! 扉の向こうへ  

・米倉涼子 × 城田優” SHOWTIME”

・原田薫 Solo 公演” DARAHA ORUKA” 他

    Cats, 美女と野獣 ではダンスキャプテンを務める。

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